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Toolbar 3 - Nagra3 Toolbar

Released January 2011 our new toolbar is dedicated to providing the end user with constant media streams ... Sky Sports, ESPN, Disney, Nickelodeon, Star Plus, Sky News and many many more as well as direct links to the popular iPlayers/CatchUp/On Demand streams available on the net.
Download the Nagra3 Toolbar here:

Toolbar 2 - The Chatterbox Toolbar A.K.A The TCB Toolbar

Created in 2008 The TCB Toolbar followed on from the BigMAQ Toolbar offering all of the old toolbar plus a bit more

Download the All New Flashing, Singing and Dancing Toolbar

The ChatterBox Toolbar

 Forum Links, Files & Fixes and much much more.


Toolbar 1 - The BigMAQ Toolbar

Created in 2006 the BigMAQ Toolbar offered the Cable Community in the UK a much needed tool. The toolbar gave its users instant access to Files/Documents/Fixes and Latest Keys in a well organised easy to navigate format. The toolbar is still running today even though there were later releases the die hard enthusiasts on the scene seem to be loyal to the"Old Dragon".

Download the BigMAQ Toolbar here:

The BigMAQ Toolbar


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